Slight changes to paper will help

I don’t think the BCT needs to change, but my comments are the following:

• Photos with articles are more interesting than plain text articles

• There have been many articles where I wish I’d been able to attend the event being reported on – perhaps more warnings or pre-publicity of events is required, not just the What’s On column.

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I’m sure many events would be better supported if we only knew that they were on.

Perhaps it would create a sense of excitement in our town to be part of things, instead of just reading the interesting stories afterwards.

• The BCT has become a vessel for excessive advertising, but I realise this is how you make money.

A little note from me: I take the centre pile and put it in my recycling without looking at any of them.

Being unemployed, I can’t shop, so they’re of no interest to me.

I can’t speak for everyone as I know people who look for specials in them every week.

I’m glad that I can put the adverts aside, allowing me to hold the lighter paper and read comfortably.

I remember the old days when adverts were skimmed over to get to the juicy stuff – now I can get straight to the juicy stuff.

So, I repeat, I don’t think changes are needed.

I just wanted to voice my small opinion, as that could bring forth ideas for the future, in which case I’ve served a purpose.

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