International articles

NY Times sees cuts, investments in strategic plan

The New York Times said Tuesday it will be cutting its newsroom budget this year, but also investing $5 million for covering the Trump administration as part of a strategic reorganization.

Ivory Coast soldier killed as mutiny protests return

A mutinous soldier was killed in Ivory Coast’s administrative capital Tuesday, as fresh trouble erupted in several cities after troops took to the streets, firing shots in the air and terrifying residents.

US, EU make final plea for free trade deal

With the anti-globalization wave impacting major elections, including that of US President-elect Donal Trump, the United States and European Union made a final plea on Tuesday to conclude a trans-Atlantic free trade deal.

Gambian president declares state of emergency

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh on Tuesday declared a state of emergency, citing foreign interference in a presidential election he lost to opponent Adama Barrow last month.

Norway says Breivik a VIP inmate with ‘cosy’ conditions

Norway on Tuesday insisted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik enjoyed “cosy” conditions in prison, including cells with a view, an Xbox and a comfy armchair, as it appealed a lower court conviction for “inhumane” treatment.

Moldova president hopes to cancel EU association agreement

Moldova’s president said Tuesday he hoped the ex-Soviet nation’s association agreement with the European Union would be cancelled if his party obtains a parliamentary majority, paving the way for an alliance with Moscow.