The Festival At St Dunstans

Are you Loc’n’loaded for Locnville?

Locnville is Loc’n’loaded to give you an unforgettable experience at The Festival @ St Dunstan’s on May 13.

Andrew and Brian Chaplin cannot wait to visit Benoni on May 13 for The Festival @ St Dunstan’s.

The Festival @ St Dunstan’s, in partnership with Benoni City Times, brings the duo to the stage to perform a day before their birthday.

St Dunstan’s learner Tiffiny Dale interviews Locnville in studio. For the full interview, look out for the next City Times edition.

Brian and his twin Andrew Chaplin released their extended play (EP) “African Icon Vol. 1” on March 10 and cannot wait to showcase their talent with not only the rest of their fans, but Benoni in particular.

“You cannot miss The Festival, because it is going to be a party,” Brian added.

The duo understand crazy because they have had many crazy experiences.

“We were once in Europe and had a fall-out with the person who was managing us,” Brian said.

“So we went our separate ways. Andrew and I wandered for two months, knowing nothing about the place.

“We then got a friend of ours to act like our manager.”

But they are not the only ones who have done crazy things – their fans have too.

“We once had fans in Port Elizabeth who dressed up like they were in the media and then went through our dressing rooms,” Andrew said.

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Locnville & Sketchy Bongo - Cold Shoulder (Official Music Video)

The Sun in my Pocket artists said their journey to success has been great, but they have yet to break the surface of what is yet to come.

“One of the most common misconceptions about us is that people think we are not hands-on in the full production of our music,” Andrew said.

“But we are – we write, produce, record and mix our own music.”

The duo also said that upcoming artists must keep two things handy – a good lawyer and good knowledge about the industry.

Apart from their love for music, the twins also started their own record label called CB – which stands for ContraBanned.

“Stay tuned for new artists, events, clothing and much more,” Andrew said.

DJ Voltrex

Brian and Andrew also hinted that they could bring along a guest to join them on stage like they usually do.

“This festival is going to be amazing and the line-up is amazing,” the duo said.

The Festival tickets can be bought from St Dunstan’s College at 54 Millburn Street, the Benoni City Times offices in Northmead Square on the corner of 14th Avenue and O’Reilly Merry Street, Mugg and Bean at the Square at Farrarmere and Wakaberry in Oakfields Shopping Centre.

General access ticket prices are R150 and tickets sold on the day at the gates will cost R200.

For backstage VIP, tickets are R400, but VIP tickets bought on the day will be R500.

Parking is R50.

The gates for the family fun-filled festival happening at St Dunstan’s College will open from 1pm to 10pm.

The Festival @ St Dunstan’s will take place on May 13 at 54 Millburn Street, Rynfield.

The event which is in partnership with the Benoni City Times aims to cater for the whole family from 1pm when the gates open.

The hot line-up includes Locnville, Timo ODV, Euphonik, Rubber Duc, Crystal Park, Voltrex, Kahn Morbee and Chunda Munki.