Hair-raisers of the 2014 Fifa World Cup

Crazy hairstyles of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Wacky, nutty, eccentric, loony and often downright hilarious these are the players who we expect to challenge for the title of Hairdo of the Tournament at the 2014 FIFA World Cup:

Marouane Fellaini (Belgium):

The Belgium and Manchester United midfielder is famous for “rocking the ‘fro”. His curly locks are unmistakable and a little bit reminiscent of steel-wool.
He is easy to spot on the pitch and, as some football observers believe, this makes him easy pickings for referees who are looking to brandish a few cards.
At least if the Belgium team runs out of dish-washing equipment in Brazil they can always take a clump of hair from Marouane.

Fro no!

Fro no!

Kyle Beckerman (United States of America):

Just one look at American defensive midfielder Kyle Beckerman’s haistyle and you may just want to hop onto the plane to Brazil with a bottle of Pantene shampoo.
The Real Salt Lake City captain looks more like a Bob Marley backing singer than anything else.
The USA, however, will be hoping that this Buffalo Soldier can inspire them through a very tough Group G.

Got that itchy feeling?

Got that itchy feeling?

David Luiz (Brazil):

Did Brazil’s central defender David Luiz get inspiration for his fuzzy ‘do’ from the Simpsons’ character Sideshow Bob?

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

Georgios Samaras (Greece):

It looks like Greek striker Georgios Samaras has fallen madly in love with his hair-straightener. Hopefully for the Greeks their football will be as slick as Georgios’ hairstyle.

Georgios-Samaras-02 (Small)


Gervinho (Ivory Coast):

The Ivory Coast winger will be hoping to split defenders like the curtains that split across his forehead.

ay_102034645 (Small)

The curtain-raiser!

Neymar (Brazil):

Like David Beckham, Brazilian striker Neymar changes his hairstyles like Bafana Bafana changes coaches.
From outlandish Mohawks to funky mullets the Barcelona man is bound to have something special lined up with his hairdresser for the World Cup in his homeland.


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