Five things we’ve learned from the World Cup so far

Messi celebrates his excellent goal against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We take a look at some of the moments of the World Cup to date and list our top five.

Herschelle Gibbs had a great time with J-Lo

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly the former South African batsman singing alongside Jennifer Lopez at the opening ceremony but a number of memes have been doing the rounds on social media about how Pitbull resembled Gibbs. In fact, I think that Gibbs himself would be a better singer than Pitbull.



Referees. Referees. Referees.

Personally I feel that the standard of officiating at the football showpiece has been below par. Sure, there are those matches where referees have done a great job but judging by some of the “soft” penalty decisions that have been awarded FIFA really needs to go back to the drawing board with their officials and spend some time learning about the difference between a contact foul in the penalty area and a swan dive.

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Oranje and Germans are the teams to beat

With devastating wins over quality opposition Louis van Gaal’s Orange machine, the Netherlands, and Joachim Loew’s efficient German team are the teams to watch. By doing damage to reigning champs Spain (5-1) and Portugal (4-0) respectively it seems that the betting odds on both teams to win the tournament have drastically shortened. With goal scorers Robin van Persie and Thomas Mueller finding their form it could be one of these teams who take the trophy home.


Messi 1 – Ronaldo 0


Football fans love to pit these two superstars of the game up against each other. Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo always generates a debate and even when they are in different World Cup groups there are still those comparisons of who is the best. Messi scored a late winner for Argentina against Bosnia and Herzegovina in a 2-1 win while Ronaldo tried in vain to rescue his team in the destructive 4-0 loss.


Messi celebrates his excellent goal against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Messi celebrates his excellent goal against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vanishing spray is here to stay

What an ingenious invention the vanishing spray has turned out to be. In my opinion it will become a part of football for years to come. Time wasted by sneaky players trying to steal a few centimetres at free kicks will become a thing of the past and that can only be a good thing.

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Logan Green

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