UPDATE: Brothers team up to save flood victim on N12

Flooding occurred on the N12 this evening.

Shawn Maluleke (19) and his brother Tumelo Kgoedi (22) were travelling from Johannesburg when they noticed cars stopping on the highway, as a result of a water build up.

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Maluleke said he and his brother noticed a motorist’s desperate calls for help, while her car was floating in the water.

“One of the women was crying,” said Maluleke, who said the victim’s name is Jennifer.

“She was screaming, saying ‘help’.”

The pair climbed out of their car and swam towards the female, who was in a white One Series BMW.

The men were in water up to their throats.

“I swam with my brother; it was far and the water took us away from her car,” added Maluleke.

He said they struggled for 20 minutes to pull the victim through her vehicle’s sun roof.

Asked how the woman reacted, Maluleke said: “She cried, she said she can’t swim at all.”

The siblings are pleased to have saved a life.

“We were really scared, I was scared she was going to die,” said Maluleke.

“… I’m just happy that she is safe.”

Jennifer later called Maluleke and thanked him and his brother for their help.

Meanwhile, the Intelligence Bureau Tweeted that a trolley and blankets were to blame for the build up of water on the N12, as it was blocking storm water pipes.

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Kevin van der List

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