Marister couple recovering after being shot on N12

Benoni residents Ludwig and Su-Mari Pieterse were shot on their way home from holiday on New Year's Day. The incident occurred on the N12 in Alberton.

While driving home from a holiday in George, Ludwig (48) and Su-Mari (51) Pieterse were shot by a man who took only a cellphone after their car had broken down on the N12 highway, near the Voortrekker Road off-ramp, in Alberton.

Lu-Charl Pieterse, Ludwig’s daughter from Richard’s Bay, said the incident happened after the couple called an insurance company to tow them.

They waited for two hours for the response vehicle from the insurance company.

“About ten minutes before the insurance company arrived, a man appeared from the bushes and demanded the car and their belongings,” said Lu-Charl.

“My dad told him the car couldn’t start, then he shot my dad in his leg.

“He then went around to my stepmom’s side – she was busy on my dad’s phone with the insurance company – when he shot her in the stomach and took the phone.”

Lu-Charl said three cars driving by stopped at this point, after which the robber fled.

She said her dad and stepmom are both still recovering in the Union Hospital in Alberton, where Su-Mari is currently in ICU.

About 60cm of Su-Mari’s intestine had to be removed due to the gunshot wound.

Lu-Charl added that the two are recovering well, but are still in much pain.

At the time of publishing, it was unclear whether a case had been opened with the police.

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