Hospital bride dies

Erica Stone (36) died on January 25.

The Springs resident died on January 25, in a Springs clinic.

The City Times featured an article in September, in which Erica and her female partner, Hendrehet Stone (43), wed at the Life the Glynnwood Hospital.

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Erica, a mother of two, battled breast cancer for five years.

Her right breast was removed, but it was too late, as the cancer had spread to her liver.

The Springs couple tied the knot in the reception area of the hospital on September 15, following the news from doctors on September 8 that she only had a few days left to live.

Hospital staffers heard that Erica’s wish was to be married to Hendrehet; three years after they met.

“She loved me very much and wanted to get married to me before something bad happened to her – and to know she was mine – even it it was only for a short while,” said Hendrehet.

What resulted was a wedding with all the traditional bells and whistles; including a purple wedding dress and veil, cupcakes, guests and a priest.

Staffers of the hospital arranged the wedding in six hours.

Hendrehet is grateful God spared Erica’s life for as long as he did.

She was hospitalised on January 23 – after she had difficulty breathing – and died in Hendrehet’s presence.

“I am thanking the Lord every day for the time,” said Hendrehet.

Erica used the time to write letters to her loved ones and enjoyed a holiday with her partner and family in the Free State over the festive season.

In the last month she was bed-ridden, but enjoyed relative movement in the three months prior to this.

“She was up and going, she even drove a car the one day,” Hendrehet added.

When asked how she is coping with the death, Hendrehet said: “I can’t even explain; I am so heartbroken. I don’t know how to go to bed; it is really hard.”

The funeral service was due to be held at Beth-Haran Ministries, in Boksburg, at 10am.

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