Pistol jam saves man’s life

Theo Izaakse was hijacked outside his home at 6am on Wednesday, February 24.

“As I pulled out of the garage at my house, two guys, with blue overalls and balaclavas on, approached me,” Izaakse said.

He said one of the men held a 9mm pistol against his head and forced him to lie on the ground.

“He then picked me up and threw me on the floor in the garage,” Izaakse added.

“While I was lying on my back there, he pointed the gun at me again and pulled the trigger.

“Luckily the pistol jammed.

“He then took my watch, casually walked out and closed the garage door.

“I could hear my car being driven away.”

The car was recovered within half an hour, in Lincoln Road, Benoni South, less than a 4km drive away.

Izaakse said his work laptop, GPS and wallet (with ID document in) were in the car when it was stolen, as well as a Tracker, which he activated shortly after the theft.

He explained the incident had pushed him over the edge, saying: “I’m definitely going to move away after this”.

“I was shaking like a leaf during the whole thing.

“When he forced me to the ground while pointing the gun at me, I thought I was done.”

Izaakse called for a stronger police presence in Western Extension, to combat what he feels is a rise in crime in the area.

Const Zunickha Essakjee, Benoni SAPS spokesperson said the area does not have a higher crime rate than most areas in Benoni.

“It is alleged there were two suspects,” Essakjee added.

At the time of publication, Essakjee said no arrests had been made, but the investigation was still ongoing.

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