Talented girl (9) off to New York

Ché-lee Nel, a Laerskool Rynfield pupil, will leave for New York in July to launch her singing, acting and modelling career internationally.

The nine-year-old, who has a hearing disability, is off to represent South Africa in New York.

Her determination and perseverance has finally paid off and she is now on her way to launch her career internationally, leaving for New York in July.

Ché-lee has a severe hearing disability and was told by numerous doctors that she will never be able to hold a note or act.

She lost her hearing at the age of three, with the nerve in her ear that signals sound to her brain being dead.

“She is a girl with a very strong willpower, a soft heart, and is very clever,” said Ché-lee’s mother, Chantel Blignaut.

She will be accompanying Ché-lee to New York, from July 22 to August 3.

Against all odds, Ché-lee was determined to pursue her dream as an entertainer.

Today, her passion is to reach out and motivate everyone, with and without disabilities, to never quit on their dreams and to fully tackle the challenges of life.

She will be representing South Africa as a model, actress and singer at the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (Arts).

This showcase is a family-owned and operated international organisation with hand-selected mother agencies, dance centres, performing arts organisations and theatre companies coming together to offer a unique, week-long experience.

Before one can attend Arts, you must first audition for the national scout Kim Myers.

Once accepted, the candidate attends workshops and seminars designed to fully prepare them for the Arts experience.

Ché-lee will be performing in front of major agents, such as Sony BMG, Disney Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney Entertainment, Models New York city, New York Film Academy, VH1 New York City, and many more.

She has also been scouted by Kim Myers as a potential bursary candidate for the New York Film Academy.

In Ché-lee’s spare time she has done several TV commercials and she is currently participating in Model of the Year and Miss Prime South Africa.

Furthermore, she is recording her first CD, which will be released in mid-July, this year.

Her vision is to be the next Charlize Theron and much more, and her message to all is: “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

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