Prevent cancer with the HPV vaccine

She said that there are many different types of HPV and some can cause health problems such as genital warts, cervical cancer, and cancer of the mouth, throat, anus and penis.

HPV vaccinations are 90 to 100 per cent effective in causing immunity to the development of the virus.

“There are currently two types that are available, ideal age for vaccination is before the age of 14 years old.

“A catch up vaccination is recommended for older individuals,” said Dr Wethmar.

She added that the safety of the vaccinations has been established during clinical trials and practice.


How HPV is transmitted

The virus is transmitted sexually or by skin-to-skin contact.

According to Dr Wethmar, the virus can still be passed on even when the infected person is asymptomatic.

“Anyone who is sexually active can get HPV; symptoms can develop years after the infection, making it hard to know when the infection occurred.”

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