Water restrictions review expected in May

The Northmead water tower.

This is according to Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) spokesperson Thembda Gadebe, who dismissed rumours that water restrictions have been relaxed.

“To the contrary, Ekurhuleni is one of the municipalities that has yet to reach the required 15 per cent water saving, as imposed by national government,” said Gadebe.

“Water savings are monitored on a weekly basis and since the implementation of the restrictions, it has yet to reach the targeted 15 per cent.”

Gadebe said a meeting on December 7 with the Department of Water and Sanitation, Rand Water and various municipalities revealed that Ekurhuleni recorded an eight per cent saving, while neighbouring metropolitan municipality Joburg reached 10.5 per cent and Tshwane 19.5 per cent for the week.

The metro has implemented water rationing from 9pm to 5am in all areas, according to a roster.

The restrictions that apply are:

• Low pressure to curb water use across the region
• Use of hosepipes and sprinkler systems is prohibited
• No filling of swimming pools with municipal water
• No watering from 6am to 6pm. Thereafter only with a watering can/bucket
• 25kl monthly consumption limit on households. If this is exceeded, a 10 per cent fine is imposed.

Should the above not be adhered to, including illegal water connections (such as fire hydrants), a fine of R6 753.64 will be imposed on households per incident. For business, the fine is R13 762.24.

Any incidents can be reported to the metro via email. A photograph should be included and an address stipulated (GPS coordinates if available), time and details and emailed to [email protected]

“By standing together we can ensure that we save this life-giving resource, because if we don’t there will be no water,” said Gadebe.

Residents are requested to ensure that they fix all water leaks on their properties and report those outside of properties to the following platforms:

• Call centre: 0860 543 000
• SMS details to 30788
• Email: [email protected]
• Twitter @EMM_Call_Centre (#savewater).

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