Bridge club calls for recruits

A session at the Benoni Northerns Bridge Club.

The club has its home at Benoni Northerns Sports Club, where they hold Tuesday night and Thursday afternoon sessions.

The standard of bridge varies from intermediate level to expert.

“The game of contract bridge has undergone many changes over the years, both in the conventions and bidding systems used,” said Roy Hayward, the club’s current chairperson.

“The club has had several homes over the past 30 to 40 years but is now firmly established as one of the sporting codes that form part of Benoni Northerns.

“Bridge is a game which can be played around a table at home for fun, with four people, or it is played at various levels from club to international.”

Hayward said the club is willing to give free tuition to new members, because they want to introduce the game to people of all ages and grow the membership.

“The game of bridge is very important to older people who exercise their minds through wrestling with the strategy of the game and the competition,” Hayward said.

“It also provides a channel for younger players who are able to develop their skills and compete at higher levels, up to world championship.”

Interested prospective players are invited to contact the club at any of the following numbers:

• Roy Hayward on 060 752 9298

• Lisa Adamson on 011 849 6475

• Ian Lowdon on 083 303 4212

• Di England on 011 918 9077

The Benoni Northerns website is



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