Vaal Dam still too empty

The Northmead water tower.

In a press release, the metro thanked residents and businesses for making an effort to meet water savings targets.

“The city made a call to residents and businesses in August last year to reduce water consumption by 15 per cent to ensure that the abstraction from the Vaal River System is reduced as per the call from the national Department of Water and Sanitation,” said Themba Gadebe, metro spokesperson.

“However, over the past three months the 15 per cent weekly target was achieved in only two weeks.”

“To reach the 15 per cent target, Ekurhuleni implemented water restrictions and started rationing water to reduce consumption levels.”

According to the metro’s statement, the Vaal Dam was 63.5 per cent full on January 31.

“With winter approaching, the dam needs to be at 80 per cent to enable the city to have sufficient water before summer rains begin later in the year,” Gadebe added.


Water restrictions are still in place and include:

• No watering of gardens between 6am and 6pm. Only buckets and cans are to be used outside this time frame.

• No use of hosepipes or sprinklers

• No filling of swimming pools

• 25kl monthly consumption limit on households. If this is exceeded, a 10 per cent fine is imposed.

• Repair water leaks

• Report burst pipes or water leaks in the streets on 086 054 3000.

The city is also continuing with the water rationing schedule.

Click here for the schedule: Water Restrictions Schedule

“Residents and business are urged to continue using water sparingly, make it a culture to save water and adhere to restrictions,” Gadebe concluded.

The national Department of Water and Sanitation will review water restrictions in May.



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