Police station needs some TLC

I have visited the Benoni Police Station a few times over the past five months and both my wife and I have been treated with respect and professionalism by the staff.

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However, each time we have been there – from the outside pavement to within the police station grounds and then into the offices – we notice that the housekeeping and maintenance is in a disgraceful state.

Surely, with some washing and cleaning, the offices could be made more presentable for the public (who visit it occasionally), but more so for the police, who have no choice but to work in those shoddy and dirty conditions day after day?

I made a remark about a gardener and [asked] why none are employed, but was told there is one?

Well, I respectfully ask that you take a walk to those areas within the grounds of the police station, as I’m not sure if he/she has got to visit or work in the areas I have indicated.

They are sorely in need of clearing and weeding – and yes, even a broom.

The staff also appear to have eaten their lunch at their desks, but please when you walk down that way have a look at the state of those office walls with all the leaking rainwater that appears to come through the windows.

The curtains are also in a shoddy state.

I understand that we all have to look after and mow the grass on the pavement outside our homes, but who is supposed to mow and weed outside the Benoni Police Station?

There is a concrete paving walkway outside, presumably installed by the council, but surely your authority would be able to get them to clean up those areas of their responsibility?

Our mayor is always on about how proud we should be of our town/city and he’s passionate about service delivery and I surely want to support him on that one, but will you please take a walk down to that end of the police station with the gardener and some cleaners?

We can all be proud of the tough services that our police have to deliver.

I feel that every policeman and -woman would feel a lot better working in a decent environment every day.

Editor’s note:

Capt Nomsa Sekele, Benoni SAPS spokesperson, replies:

“Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

“The station management is aware of the matter; it is now under control.

“The problem was that we had only one groundsman and the cleaning company that normally assists was busy elsewhere.

“We have also employed a second groundsman and changes are taking place.”

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