Road needs repair

I would like to raise concern over the state of a section of road on Ampthill Avenue.

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I use this road every day on my way home and would like to know if they will ever be able to repair the potholes which now stretch across the width of the four lanes at the robot.

There has been an attempt to fix this with some sand; I am not sure what else could be done because that repair only lasted for two days.

I know the next excuse will be that it’s been raining but this has been an ongoing problem since last year.

Am I the only one complaining?

This is not good for our vehicles which we work so hard for.

Our town roads are in a sad state and it would be nice if they actually use taxpayers’ money to fix the roads, not to mention the draining systems that are now overflowing due to excessive rain.

I’m concerned for the unnecessary expense that I and other road users face due to bad workmanship or lack thereof.

Editor’s note:

This letter has been sent to the municipality.

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