Hooting annoys resident

I would like to express my opinion regarding the taxis that stop along Harrison Street, collecting their passengers.

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We live in a block of flats near the Life the Glynnwood Hospital and the taxis have no regard for the sign showing “no drop off, no hooting”, which was put in place some two years back.

At certain hours of the day and night – sometimes as early as 6am – even Sundays, it’s absolute chaos.

The drivers blow hooters non-stop, disregarding the sign not to.

They stop in the road and on the pavement without any indication, or they use the magic lights (hazards) and road users must just abide by their rules.

The noise pollution is unbearable and downright irritating.

This is a hospital, surely they should take sick people into consideration.

I am not sure if there is a solution to this problem as taxi drivers are a law onto themselves.

Am I the only one frustrated by this?

How do they cope at the hospital with this?

Circle a hindrance

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