We should all care about the police station

I’m writing in reference to your lead letter in the Benoni City Times of February 24.

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Norman Cannon wrote that he visited the Benoni Police Station a few times over the past five months and has noted visible neglect and decay.

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Now we can all relax because Capt Nomsa Sekele thanks Cannon for “bringing this matter to our attention”.

So an occasional visitor noticed and Capt Sekele presumably did not?

Anyway, the problem we are told is now sorted. Really?

When on Earth are we going to cut to the facts?

Our public buildings and spaces are in a disgusting state and very little is done to resolve matters.

Cannon cares, I care, all the authors of letters to the Benoni City Times care.

Sadly, our public buildings and spaces appear to be in the hands of those who do not.

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