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I have rented out my townhouse via a renting agency for almost six years.

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In all these years I thought I was dealing with an honest and reliable agency whom I trusted completely.

Over the years I have raised issues, but it was more to do with the maintenance and upkeep of my property, never with the rental fees collected.

In all these years I have never questioned anything nor requested a copy of invoice and statement of accounts which you are rightfully entitled to, because I never thought I would be ripped off.

In November 2016 I accidentally discovered that the renting agency was charging the current tenant fees for late payments, but never disclosed this to me nor paid over such amounts which rightfully I should have been receiving.

I also heard that they charged the previous tenant for breach of contract, but never disclosed that to me nor paid over any fees collected.

I then requested a reconciliation statement, which I have now waited almost three months for.

I was told it was a lot of work to do a recon and that I will receive it as soon as possible.

I recently received a recon statement that said, after deducting all their fees and charges from the deposit, I owe them money.

This is ridiculous and a rip-off.

I intend to pursue this matter with the Estate Agents Board and through legal means.

I hope that by writing this I am able to educate landlords and tenants to check and ensure that they receive proper documentation for all their lease agreements, invoices, statements, etc. and never to trust any agency that is supposed to be looking after your best interests.

Do not be duped into thinking that the best agencies are reputable – trust me they are not.

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