Fourteen arrested on suspicion of illegal mining

The makeshift firearm found by police during an operation to find illegal miners.

The arrests were made during a cluster operation held in the area between New Modder Road and Golden Drive.

Police said the suspects would be charged with illegal mining.

While the City Times was on scene, a makeshift firearm was found in the area.

Reportedly, the weapon is loaded with a single bullet and used in close quarters combat.

Watch the video of the weapon being inspected by a police officer:

Police told the City Times the following equipment was seized as part of the operation:

• Several phendukas (a bowl used for sifting gold particles from soil)

• Phenduka stands

• Gas cylinders

• Commercial explosives

• Seven electrical detonators

• 28 connecting cap fuses

• 23 blasting cartridges

• Five packs of ammonium nitrate

• Around 100m of detonation cord.

Police were still on the scene at 12.50pm.

More details will follow.


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