The Salvation Army needs you

Antonette Grobler has been appointed as the assistant centre manager at the Salvation Army in Benoni.

Antonette Grobler became the assistant centre manager in January, when she took over from Andries Neethling.

Major Jeffrey Stafford took over from Capt Wendy Clack as the new minister.

Stafford is the commanding officer (pastor) of the Salvation Army.

The new appointees are appealing to the public for their continued support.

The Salvation Army Benoni Community Church has been helping members of the Benoni community since the ’70s.

“The Salvation Army Church is run as any other church; the members of the church finance the running of the church,” said Stafford.

“The goodwill centre’s finance comes from all the funds we receive from the public and through donations.”

The organisation provides people in need with shelter, clothes and food for about three months while they get back on their feet and find jobs.

Stafford said people who have been helped are encouraged to leave to make room for others who may need assistance.

“We are a faith-based organisation, so all we do is built on deep faith in God, keeping the hearts of the public open to what we do for the community we serve,” he said.

“We have indigent pensioners – old aged and disabled – homeless families and single men and women,” said Stafford.

“We literally live from hand to mouth.”

The organisation started a crèche in 1994 which currently takes care of about 27 children, which helps the children of parents who are low-income earners.

Reliant on donations, the organisation also depends on sales from their charity shops, which is also a place where the public can donate anything from tools, clothes and household items to toys.

Some of the challenges the centre currently faces are finances and maintaining the buildings.

“We need blankets, linen, pillows, clothing (male, female and children’s), toiletries, food (perishables and dry),” said Grobler.

“If anyone wishes to make a monetary donation they can get our banking details from me and do an EFT or they can come in and give me the donation and get a receipt.”

Apart from the above-mentioned items, they are also in need of paint.

“We do not receive a government grant; we rely on the public and companies to help us,” Grobler added.

Currently the organisation has 25 pensioners and 38 residents living on the premises.

For more information, contact 011 422 4418.

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