Teenagers are lazy, undisciplined and too demanding

A generation which was considered to be future leaders has now brought melancholy thoughts to the nation.

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The offspring of icons have now turned to weapons of mass destruction.

Unruly behaviour, disrespect and lack of discipline have a home within their souls.

What went wrong?

Technology serves as a significant catalyst towards improving people’s lives.

Simultaneously it is destructive towards bonds between parents and their offspring.

Teenagers no longer exercise and stay healthy.

They indulge in fiddling with their gadgets instead of helping their parents with minor things like household chores.

In this case, technology serves as a catalyst to laziness.

With teenagers, discipline is scarce like green leaves in winter.

They believe that rules are meant to be broken.

The only rules that they remain obedient to are those that are set by them.

Teenagers are basically their own worst enemies.

They are the architects of their own failures.

Teenagers believe they are entitled to everything they demand.

Patience to them is like water during drought.

They fail to understand circumstances at their homes and put unnecessary pressure on their parents instead.

When their parents are unable to meet their demands, they end up embarking on activities that leave them at loggerheads with the law.

Teenagers think they know everything – they refuse to pay attention when their parents try to show them what they are supposed to do.

They refuse to take advice from people who possess an abundance of wisdom.

Refusing advice when it’s given to you is the perfect recipe for failure in life.

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.

We have guided missiles, but misguided our fellow human beings.

Ours is a generation that has lost the essence of good values, ethics and morals.

Teenagers today are lazy and put too much effort into unnecessary activities.

They are undisciplined and fail to understand circumstances at their homes.

Will we ever mend our ways and build a brighter tomorrow?

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