Behaviour disgusts me

I have been disturbed and shocked by the trend of underage children, and even babies, being allowed into nightclubs and pubs in Benoni.

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I was recently involved in a serious argument with a parent and the owner (the parent is working for the pub) regarding her young baby being in the middle of patrons who are smoking, extremely loud music and being thrown up in the air (thinking that it was very funny) by drunken friends apparently ‘looking after’ the baby while mom was working, trying to earn a living.

I know for a fact that this is happening on a regular basis, but how do I attract attention to it?

I’ve been cursed and the owner thought she was going to hush me by hugging me and promising me “a drink”.

I’m disgusted by this.

I don’t want to cause the baby to be taken away, but I do want to create awareness of what is going on.

Surprisingly enough, no one else thought this was inappropriate or strange; I guess you turn a blind eye when you’re having fun?

My husband and I always make sure we have the appropriate care for our children when going out for a drink and we feel that this is child abuse – I just cannot stay silent.

We will never go back to this pub again, but I do feel I need to voice my concern.

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