Boats race it out during nationals at Rynfield Dam

Jared Moore. Photo: Channe Moore

The day was filled with 12 different classes racing for glory.

Participating riders included Benoni resident and former Pro Runabout Open world champion Jared Moore and the current women’s Runabout world champion Shanté Bukes.

Bukes took first place in the Runabout Open and Runabout Stock categories, while Jonathan Raolo came out on top in both Sport Open and Sport Lites.

SAJSBA also had their novice series called the “Booster Cup” running where anybody could join in on the racing action by hiring a watercraft to race for the day.

Christo Malan walked away with gold in the Booster Pro and Booster Masters classes.




Final results from Sunday’s classes are (top three positions):

• Vets: 1 Rowan Sharples, 2 Claude Newberry, 3 Peter Britz.

• Novice Ski: 1 Jacques Thornton, 2 Cameron Newberry, 3 N/A.

• Ski Lites: 1 Nick Thompson, 2 Sean Valsecchi, 3 Elardus Larney

• Pro Ski Open: 1 Sean Valsecchi, 2 Nick Thompson, 3 Elardus Larney.

• Sport Lites: 1 Jonathan Raolo, 2 Nic Behr, 3 Brett Hinckley.

• Sport Open: 1 Jonathan Raolo, 2 Shaun Botho, 3 N/A.

• Novice Runabout Stock: 1 Taylor Johnston, 2 N/A, 3 N/A.

• Pro Runabout Stock: 1 Shanté Bukes, 2 Jared Moore, 3 Darius Bukes.

• Pro Runabout Open: 1 Shanté Bukes, 2 Jared Moore, 3 Rowan Sharples.

• Booster Pro: 1 Christo Malan, 2 Kobus Malan, 3 Kyle Repsold.

• Booster Novice: 1 Darren McLeod, 2 Craig Papas, 3 Cindy Kearns.

• Booster Masters: 1 Christo Malan, 2 Peter Britz, 3 Terry Moore.


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