Thank you to rescuer of hit-and-run dog

I was driving up Mowbray Avenue on the evening of March 13 and ahead of me, just after crossing the robot near McDonald’s, I noticed that cars were braking and putting their hazard lights on – so I followed suit.

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This is when I discovered that they had stopped because of a stray dog that was walking down the middle of the road.

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The dog then slowly moved over into the right-hand lane, and at this stage was about 20m or so from my stationary vehicle.

From a good distance away, I could see a white bakkie coming down the right-hand lane on the opposite side, and to my horror, he proceeded to hit the poor animal, and then just carried on driving like nothing had happened.

The stray dog did not suddenly walk in front of his car, and this man had more than enough time to stop his vehicle and avoid hitting the poor animal.

What disgusts me is that he did not even stop to make sure the animal was okay.

What sort of human does that?

You are absolutely despicable, sir, and a true reflection of what is wrong in this world – shame on you!

Luckily myself and another lady managed to rescue the poor creature, and she was happy to take him to a rescue organisation, as I was unable to.

To you ma’am, I say thank you for your kindness.


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