Why are the pigeons dying?

I have been a resident in Greybe Street, Rynfield for the last eight years.

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I have a lovely large garden which is frequented by amazing birds, as I have two bird baths – one at the back of my house and one at the front.

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The Rameron pigeons, Mr and Mrs, I presume, are regulars.

However, over the last month I have found two dead pigeons lying in the garden when I returned home from work.

One Saturday morning, my son witnessed one just drop out of the tree and hit the ground.

When we went out there, it was already dead!

This is very disturbing.

I have Googled them to see what they eat – mostly berries and seeds – so what could they be eating that is killing them?

Recently, while checking my plants, I noticed another one on the ground – gone!

So that is now four in the space of, I think, three weeks.

Could it be a bird flu?

I have loads of Cape turtle doves meandering all over my lawn and they seem to be fine, not to mention all the other little birds that eat from my feeder, but I never find any of them on the ground.

I wonder if you have heard from anyone else experiencing this and whether you can advise me who to contact on this matter?

I would greatly appreciate it.

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