Horses are her life

Doné Botes (20) dreamed of helping horses since she was a little girl.

BCT: Tell us about your career.

DB: I own a stable yard in Cloverdene and am a qualified equine musculoskeletal therapist.

My yard is small and private, close to most show venues; I travel to clients when I treat their horses.

I chose a stable yard because it has always been a dream of mine to teach people and have horses around me 24/7.

Horses are my life and I cannot picture my life without a horse in it.

BCT: What difference would you say you make in Benoni?

DB: I can give children experience with horses, teach them how to love and care for the animals and how to create a bond with a horse.

I can also make a difference for the horses around Benoni by improving the equine athletes, correcting incorrect movements of horses and increasing overall muscle relaxation.

BCT: Tell us about yourself?

DB: I have a younger brother, Quintin Botes.

My first pony was a Shetland pony called Blackie that ruled the plot and since then, I have had nine horses.

I was not allowed to start riding lessons until I was eight years old and I am the only one in my family that is a horse fanatic.

I went to Arbor Primary School from 2003 to 2009 and then matriculated from Benoni High School in 2014.

After matriculating, I studied at BSET Academy in KwaZulu-Natal from 2015 to 2016.

This is where I completed my Eqasa modules up to level three, did my first aid course and qualified as an equine musculoskeletal therapist.

In school, I competed in school shows for Benoni High, where I did show jumping with my horse Amarock.

BCT: What hobbies do you have?

DB: I enjoy going for walks around the block with my dogs.

I have four horses of my own that I ride every day and take to shows.

BCT: What are your plans for the future?

DB: I plan to continue and grow my equine musculoskeletal therapist business. as it is something I thoroughly enjoy.

I want to continue teaching children and adults about horses and help them reach their full potential.

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