Curnick finds another treasure

Jan de Beer (left) is delighted to have his wedding ring back. Tony Curnick helped him find it with his metal detector.

The Morehill resident has been hailed as the “supreme metal detector” by his latest fan, Jan de Beer.

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De Beer is one of several people who have enlisted the services of Curnick after the City Times ran a front page article on the metal detecting enthusiast.

De Beer, who also lives in Morehill, phoned the man with the magic wand to recover his wedding ring.

The Libra Avenue resident, while swimming, threw some leaves out of his pool into the shrubs – accidentally disposing of his wet and slippery wedding ring.

“Months of searching produced nothing, but then Tony Curnick arrived with his high-tech metal detector and the ring was recovered, hidden on the ground deep inside a mallow bush, after only about 20 minutes of combing the area with the equipment,” said De Beer.

De Beer and his wife Althea, who have been married for 48 years, were delighted with the “marvellous assistance”.

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