We need the space for our pets

I write in reply to a letter published on last week’s opinion page, headlined ‘Restriction is not fine’.

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Have you heard the quote “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way we treat our animals”?

We are not allowed to have a pets in our homes because of the apparent greed of some developers who squeeze as many units onto a piece of land as possible for maximum gain, which makes it impossible for many to own a pet.

And now, we are not allowed to take a dog on a lead to Northerns (the only bit of green and safe open space that there is for residents).

Most dog owners are responsible people and do clean up after their dogs.

It is common knowledge that a child taught to care for, and be kind to an animal, will be less likely to abuse his/her family and friends when he/she grows up.

Yet we continue as a ‘civilised society’ to push fellow creatures further and further out of our lives, like bits of useless, unnecessary rubbish.

Slowly our rights as individuals are being removed.

We are told where we can go, what we can say and what we are allowed to do, yet criminals have free rein.

Congratulations ‘Anonymous’ for standing up for your rights.


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