Department must cut to the chase

The land, owned by the department, is on the corner of Dahlia and Mimosa streets.

Des van der Walt, one of the directors of the Kinabalu Home Owners’ Association, said their requests have fallen on deaf ears.

“Other homeowners of properties around the veld are just as concerned,” said van der Walt.

“The long grass is a security risk and now that it is starting to die, it is becoming a fire risk.

“Further, the veld is also home to mice and rats.

“The weeds in the veld have naturally also produced seeds, which have invaded gardens in the area, resulting in endless gardening.”

A month after the City Times’ first enquiry to the department of education, the acting spokesperson Oupa Bodibe said: “We have already appointed a service provider to clean the site, unfortunately there was a delay which has since been rectified, and such grass will be cut in due course.”

Van der Walt said, “If timed correctly, the owners of the property would most likely only need to cut the grass once, maybe twice a year.”


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