A worthy cake will blow her diet

Dejané Poil is a Benoni City Times Mother’s Day Cake Bake Competition judge.

Poil, head of retail marketing and innovation at the Caxton media group, grew up in a home where everyone baked – so her experience is vast.

“My grandmother and mother are experienced bakers and both did specialised catering,” Poil said.

She enjoys chocolate cake, but anything with unexpected flavour combinations is also a win.

“Cakes must be rich and moist; dry is a ‘no no’!” she said.

“It must also be visually appealing with mouth-watering appeal.”

Although Poil gave the above tips on how to melt her heart, she ensures bakers that she is objective in her judging.

“Honesty and integrity rate high on my list and I tend to be objective and analytical,” Poil said.

“I am aware of being positive and constructive when correcting or criticising and believe in always ending on a positive note,” she said.

Apart from her family who enjoy baking, Poil also often entertains, guests and clients, at home.

“I live on a horse breeding farm in the Hekpoort Valley,” she said.

“With lots of guests and clients popping in to see their horses, there is always something in the oven.

“We all love cooking in my home so there are always ready hands to help whip up a quick meal or a feast for friends and family.”

Poil is also involved professionally in events, food features and innovative creative ideas for food brands.

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