Kirsty tastes success

Rynfield resident Kirsty McVie co-owns On Sixth It’s All About Taste in Northmead and Simply Asia in Atlas Mall.

BCT: You were born in Scotland but chose to remain in Benoni, why?

KM: My parents, Campbell and Laura, immigrated to Benoni when I was two years old; we lived in Crystal Park until I turned 18, then moved to Rynfield.

The fond memories of my childhood linger every day, but the memory of my late older brother, Campbell Robertson McVie’s death, keeps me near.

BCT: Tell me about your personal life?

KM: I attended Crystal Park Primary and Willowmore High schools.

I studied and received a diploma in graphic and interior design before travelling the world as a flight attendant.

My partner, Michael Paizes, and I have a son, Spiros Paizes (16), who goes to Benoni High School and is in Grade 11.

BCT: We know about you being a mom, wife and daughter, but tell us about your business?

KM: I co-own On Sixth It’s All About Taste in Northmead and Simply Asia in Atlas Mall.

As a restaurant owner, the job description is endless: server, chef, accountant, host, sales representative, buyer, bookkeeper, groundskeeper, dishwasher and more.

As a restaurant owner you should focus on daily hygiene, cleanliness, product knowledge, presentation and customer focus by providing good service with happy, friendly staff.

BCT: Apart from being a family and business woman, do you have hobbies?

KM: Owning two restaurants is never easy, so it is difficult to have hobbies, but should the time arise, I love to paint abstract oil paintings, enjoy scuba diving and find drinking a good glass of wine over fantastic food with my family and friends relaxing.

BCT: What are your dreams and goals?

KM: My main goal at this moment is to launch the new look and feel at On Sixth.

Thereafter my focus will be on building a great team to work with and franchising the On Sixth It’s All About Taste concept and brand.

To add to this, I would also like to experiment with my surroundings and come up with new ideas and methods to help others in need around me.

I am involved in numerous fundraisers and shall continue to try my best in generating new ideas.


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