Cable theft affects residents

The incident occurred on April 13 at around 6pm.

EMPD spokesperson, Lieut-Col Wilfred Kgasago, said according to a witness the culprits had cut out the cables in the area.

“One of their vehicles, an Opel Monza sedan, was left behind, as it would not start,” said Kgasago.

He added that the alleged suspects fled the scene in another unidentified vehicle.

Police used the registration number of the vehicle to identify the owner, who was located in Crystal Park.

“The said registered owner claimed he had sold the vehicle to a man in Daveyton,” said Kgasago.

“According to the local councillor, such incidents occur either in the ungodly hours or in the dead of the night, with considerable unpleasant inconveniences for the residents.”


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Penelope Masilela

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