The wheelie bin struggle continues

Speaking to the City Times on Friday (May 5), Ward 23 councillor André du Plessis confirmed the depot would be closed.

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Metro spokesperson Themba Gadebe also confirmed its closure.

Du Plessis said the depot needed to remain closed on Saturday (it is only open from Monday to Friday) as the depot staff would not be able to determine how many people needed to be accommodated with wheelie bins, which could have led to shortages.

Why the rush?

The EMM initially stated that May 1 was the deadline for people to have collected their 240l wheelie bins.

The deadline would have signalled the official switch to the waste department collecting only waste placed in the 240l wheelie bins.

The metro then extended the deadline, saying they would have another roll-out of bins in Benoni.

This extension would also have meant that all waste (regardless of whether it was in a bin) would be collected until another cut-off date was given.

However, since the start of May, people from various Benoni suburbs have complained that waste that was not placed in the receptacles was not collected.

Du Plessis gave the following advice:

• Collect your bin from the depot at 4 Golden Drive as soon as possible. It is open from Mondays to Fridays from 7am until 3.30pm.

• If you are unable to collect one, inform your councillor before May 13 to indicate your need for a wheelie bin.

Here are the Benoni councillors’ numbers:

– André du Plessis (Ward 23) – 083 655 8187

– Malanie Haggard (Ward 28) – 074 543 3992

– Jacques Meiring (Ward 27) – 079 214 7902

– Sinethemba Matiwane (Ward 73) – 082 390 4839

– Kabelo Mahonko (Ward 24) – 072 992 6697

– Pieter Henning (Ward 25) – 083 626 3563

– Stephen Sibiya (Ward 30) – 073 325 6646

– Haseena Ismail (Ward 29) – 082 378 4991

• This information will be sent to the metro, which will then be able to determine how many bins are needed per suburb/ward.

• At this stage, another roll-out will be held on May 20 and May 27. (The details will be published as soon as they become available.)

• June 1 is the unconfirmed deadline by which waste will no longer be collected unless it is placed in a wheelie bin.

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