Talbot having fun at the Lakes

Rynfield resident Lauryn Talbot (26) wants to help the community, so she joined the Benoni Lakes Lions Club two years ago, and is now going to be inducted as their president.

BCT: Tell us about your journey with the Benoni Lakes Lions Club.

LT: I became a member of Benoni Lakes Lions Club two years ago.

It all started at a social with club members when I mentioned to family and friends that I wanted to get involved in giving back to the community.

The greatest thing I heard from our club president, Nick Maré, is that being a Lion is all about “when you can, when you want to,” and I thought this way I could still carry on with all my other things and give back to the community when I am able to.

But it didn’t turn out this way, as we have been really busy over the last year and I can’t help – but want to be involved in all our projects.

BCT: How do you hope to grow the club?

LT: I hope to grow our club even more, in terms of the number of members and in the number of people we serve.

BCT: What is your profession?

LT: I am the office manager and currently head up the human resources and finance department for M3 Construction Projects, a civil construction company based in Apex.

BCT: What makes Benoni significant to you?

LT: I have my family, as most of them live in Benoni and I was able to grow up with my grannies, aunts and uncles.

Even when you leave Benoni these people tend to remain humble and remember their roots.

A recent memory and example of this would be when Princess Charlene (Wittstock) came to SA for her dad’s 70th birthday.

My parents attended the birthday party, and after Wittstock asked where I was, she made a special effort to meet up the next day for lunch.

BCT: What are your future plans?

LT: I would like to grow here and see M3 Construction grow to greater heights.

I would still love to travel, but being in the construction industry, I only get to do this in December.

Benoni Lakes has a long-term project – to open an eye-clinic for those who cannot afford it, so I would like to see this materialise.

Additionally, I would like to find us a ‘home’, where we can open a club house to welcome the community in and to have all our meetings and socials at.

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