Article helps Bruce’s camera collection

Bruce Helps’ camera collection has more than doubled since the City Times last visited him.

Twenty-two months ago Helps had around 50 cameras, 35 of which were in working order.

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He now has 71 working cameras, having received around 30 from people who read the article in the BCT.

“The article is two years old and I am still getting calls,” he said.

“What are people doing keeping newspapers for such a long time?”

The collector has been in the photography industry for over 50 years, having started his collection about seven years ago with roughly 20 cameras which were made up of some of his old ones and others he discovered in the premises of a business he purchased.

His oldest collector’s piece dates to a 1903 design, with the latest being from 1980.

“Pre-1900 cameras are what I am looking for,” said Helps.

The 64-year-old is open to more donations.

But before you dust off your unwanted cameras, Helps will need to make room for the artefacts on the packed shelves that house the cameras.

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Kevin van der List

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