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To have a chance of having your organisation listed, email [email protected]

Here are some of the entries:


• Name: Pug Rescue SA/Thanda Inja

• Address: 80/1 Nielsen Road, Benoni North Agricultural Holdings

• Contact number: 082 449 2644

What do you stand for?

As an animal welfare organisation, we rescue, rehabilitate, re-home and offer a sanctuary to pugs.

We conduct a bi-weekly outreach programme in Gabon, Chris Hani and the surrounding informal settlements in Daveyton, where we offer free veterinary care, sterilisation and supplementary feeding to hundreds of dogs and cats from these impoverished areas.

We offer low-cost sterilisation to low-income earners.

What is the organisation in need of?

We need any form of donations that will contribute towards our vet account, which is our highest monthly cost.

Blankets for winter, puppy and cat food, automatic washing powder to wash the blankets and jerseys, as winter is around the corner.

We also require dishwashing liquid to wash food bowls twice a day.


• Name: Benoni Animal Rescue Centre (Barc)

• Address: 42 4th Street, Northmead

• Contact number: Charmaine Woest: 082 782 5372 Stephanie Woest: 072 654 6196 or email: [email protected]

What do you stand for as an organisation?

Benoni Animal Rescue Centre is a pro-life organisation that has been open for three years.

We do an outreach programme every Wednesday in Barcelona, Daveyton.

The organisation treats, feeds and sterilises many animals from this community.

We have also rehabilitated animals suffering from abuse, and successfully re-homed them.

Currently the organisation has 29 cats and two dogs at the centre.

What does the organisation need?

The public is who we rely on – without them we cannot do what we love doing. We have wonderful people who contribute towards our cause: schools, businesses and children.

We are always in need of food for both cats and dogs, blankets and jerseys for the winter, collars and leads, cat litter and any household items for our charity shop.

The money from our charity shop in Northmead helps to generate funds towards vet bills, food etc.


• Name: Purple Red Paws Amaranthine Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.

• Address: 159 Meerkat Street, Zestfontein Benoni.

• Contact Number: 064 033 5065

What do you stand for as an organisation?

We are a non-profit “non kill” organisation, registered as an NPO and NPC.

We are involved in rescuing and rehabilitating domestic abused animals, strays, abandoned animals and severely neglected animals in need. Sterilisations are among our important everyday chores.

Established in 2016, we believe animals deserve love, care and proper treatment.

Our aim, mission and vision is to rehabilitate, sterilise, and re-home the animals into loving, caring, gentle homes.

What does the organisation need?

The amazing community supports us in financially hard times to deal with the severe and devastating animal cruelty out there.

It is of the utmost importance that we have the support of our community, which helps us to reach out to 75 per cent more cats and dogs that are in need.

Without this support, we would not be able to achieve our mission in life and help thousands of neglected, abused, stray and severely hurt animals.

We are in dire need of sponsors. Dog food is always a problem, and we need blankets for the very cold winter ahead, as well as the daily basics.


• Name: Animal Lovers Project Swing (ALPS)

• Address: We work in Etwatwa and do not have premises.

• Contact no: 082 771 0511

What do you stand for as an organisation?

As an NPO we are completely dependent on public donations to perform our work and to be able to provide the animals with the access to veterinary treatment and the nutritious food that they need.

This project is focused on the animals in Etwatwa.

We focus on educating the community in basic pet care and animal husbandry, thereby enabling them to look after their animals in a responsible and caring way, as we have discovered that very often the perceived ‘cruelty’ cases are due to lack of knowledge and the correct resources.

We equip the owners with the basic know-how so they are able to look after their animals’ well-being, as well as also empowering them to proactively recognise instances where animals need medical or any other assistance. The motto we use is: “prevention is better than cure”.

We do not have premises – we carry out all our work in the township.

What does the organisation need?

We would like to sterilise 150 animals, and R90 000 would cover the costs of doing this for this year.

Donations of the necessary drugs, vaccinations, deworming medication and so on, are needed to be able achieve this within budget.

We need to obtain sponsorship of dog and cat food, as we distribute 1 000kg every month to feed approximately 200 animals belonging mainly to unemployed owners who can’t afford to feed their beloved pets.

Sponsorship for a bakkie is also needed, as we currently use our private vehicles (2 VW Polos) to transport our animals to/from the vet on a weekly basis. We are often constrained by space, time and operational costs.


• Name: Benoni SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

• Address: 3 Klein Street, Lakefield, Benoni. (behind Wimpy)

• Contact Number: 011 894 2814/5, after hours emergency: 073 511 2261

What do you stand for as an organisation?

Formed in 1948, the Benoni SPCA’s mandate is the prevention of animal cruelty under the Animal Anti Cruelty Act.

Cruelty to any animal – be it a fish, bird, dog, cow, cat, spider or snake – or organised crime like dog fighting, or any other activity that hurts an animal, is against the law. And we want to know all about it.

We are the official municipal pound for Ekurhuleni, so any stray animals (cats, dogs, horses, cows, birds etc) are kept for seven days on our premises.

If they are unclaimed within this period, they are then put up for adoption.

‘Outreach’ is another huge part of what we do – this is where we go into the poor areas such as Wattville and informal settlements and educate the public on caring for their animals.

We vaccinate, de-worm, dip, provide food packets, bowls for drinking and eating, collars and leads instead of chains.

We sterilise animals when possible, but are restricted due to funding.

What does the organisation need?

Financial donations, kennel roofing refurbishment, tow bars, and landscaping or garden maintenance are all required. Other needs include: after hours kennels accessible to the public to place strays, guttering, kennel fencing, kennel runs, kennel metal, dog and cat food, blankets, leads and collars, and JoJo tanks for rainwater harvesting.

Animal organisations are welcome to submit their information to the City Times on [email protected] or to contact us on 011 425 0164.


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