Crime is down but stay vigilant

Col Martin van Nieuwenhuizen is the head of Vispol policing at the Benoni Police Station

“We have seen a recent decrease in crime across all categories, except common assault and domestic violence,” said Col Martin van Nieuwenhuizen, commander of the Benoni Visible Policing unit (Vispol).

Van Nieuwenhuizen said although house and business robberies and break-ins decreased, they remain a problem in Benoni.

He said most of these incidents hinge on insider information.

Across all the CPF sectors represented at the meeting, these crimes were a major concern.

One speaker said criminals now target houses during the day, when the residents and CPF patrollers are at work.

This has been countered by taking in unemployed CPF members, who can patrol during the day.

Van Nieuwenhuizen urged members of the public, CPF, police and private security to remain on high alert despite the drop in crime, as it will again spike if people become complacent.


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Erik van Dijk

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