HunTer aims high in music industry

HunTer has been a singer for 22 years and will be releasing two new albums in November 2017.

The Atlasville resident has been a singer for 22 years and is determined to keep pushing forward in her music career.

“I live to sing and sing to live,” she said.

“I have a unique, strong, rich voice and a very strong passion for my music. It has been so tough that some days I just want to walk away, but if you do it for the love of music nothing else can hold you back.”

HunTer considers being on Musiek Roulette twice on SABC2 and being nominated for “The Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards 2017” to be the biggest highlights in her career so far.

“I do adult contemporary, country, pop, rock, jazz and ballads,” she said.

The artist also owns her own record label entitled ‘SoundzOf HunTer Records’.

“I write a lot of my own songs. I share my life experiences, challenges and stories through my music,” she added.

“The lyrics mostly come to me on the spur of the moment; I will be driving in my car and, whoop, up come lyrics with a melody, or lying on my bed, or even on stage doing a show.

“So all I can do is grab my phone and quickly record the words and melody before they disappears from my mind – it’s a gift from God.”

HunTer considers herself to be living out her dreams, but she also has goals.

“It is a lot of hard work involved to make those dreams a reality, but well worth it in the end,” she said.

“I hope to perform with international artists on stages around the world in the near future.

“I would also hope to be nominated for a music award in my home country.”

Fans can also expect two new albums from the artist – one gospel, one country – which will be released by November.

“I have also just released my Afrikaans album, Wense,” she said.

She concluded by giving aspiring artists advice.

“The music industry is not for day dreamers – it’s not all glitz and glamour,” she said.

“So if you love music and you have what it takes, never give up on your dream but always remain humble and keep your feet on the ground.”

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