Council owned-flats lose market-related rentals

“In 2008 the ANC with their majority passed a resolution that required tenants living in council flats to pay market-related rentals,” said Ward 29 councillor, Haseena Ismail.

“Many residents in these council flats are poor and do not have a steady income.

“As a result some residents have been evicted or they stay without lights because they cannot afford these high rentals and neither can they afford to make arrangements to pay off these arrears.”

Ismail said the DA requested that the item be reviewed.

“I submitted petitions and a motion to council,” Ismail added.

“This issue was taken to the Public Protector and to the Human Rights Commission for further pressure on the department to change the rentals.”

According to Ismail, market-related rentals were calculated as 25 per cent of the owner’s income.

“Therefore, individuals were paying different amounts based on their income,” Ismail said.

As of July 1, all tenants will pay the same tariffs based on economical rentals.


These are the rentals for Actonville for tariff 2017/2018:

•Delhi Court: R280 (two bedrooms), R320 (three bedrooms)

•Karachi Court: R280 (two bedrooms), R320 (three bedrooms)

•Agra Court R280 (two bedrooms)

•Aligarh Court: R280 (two bedrooms)

•Ajmery Court: R260 (two bedrooms)

•Bangalore Court: R300 (two bedrooms)

•Lahore Court: R260 (one bedroom), R300 (two bedrooms)

•Aloe Court: R240 (one bedroom), R280 (two bedrooms)

•Azalea Court: R220 (one bedroom), R260 (two bedrooms)

•Flora Court: R260 (one bedroom), R300 (two bedrooms)

•Pauline Davis Court (single) R220

•Pensioners Complex (double) R240

“Finally we have justice for our communities where all tenants are paying more equal rentals. It was a battle worth fighting,” Ismail concluded.


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