Over 400 tumblers spring into action

Over 400 tumblers participated at the Eagle Tumbling Cup at John Barrable Hall on Saturday. Seen here are the participant tumblers in the Level One (10-year-old girls’ category).

The annual tumbling tournament is organised by Farrarmere resident Cindy McCall-Peat, who has run the club for the past 36 years.

Over 1 000 children have benefitted from McCall-Peat’s programme, both at the club at the hall and at Edutumble at St Columba’s, St Andrew’s, Kathstan, St Dunstan’s, Sowle and Stepping Stones.

They have classes for children from the age of nine months as well as a well-established disabled programme for paraplegics, quadriplegics and children with Down’s syndrome.

“We had more than 400 entries and four provinces present,” said McCall-Peat, who also expressed her thanks to the tournament sponsor.

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Logan Green

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