Effective 25 years for Lakefield kidnapper

Magistrate Ian Cox sentenced the 40-year-old woman to 31 years’ imprisonment in the Benoni Regional Court on June 6.


Lakefield woman kidnapped, tied up and left in car boot

She received 15 years for robbery, eight years for kidnapping and eight years for attempted murder.

Three years of the attempted murder charge and three years of the kidnapping charge will run concurrently with the robbery charge.

According to Capt Nomsa Sekele, Benoni SAPS spokesperson, the woman was arrested in connection with the kidnapping of her Lakefield landlord, who was found tied up in the boot of her car on April 10, 2015.

The victim (who was 55 years old at the time) was discovered with her hands and feet tied together with a cord, in her BMW, outside the Actonville Hostel, at around 8pm.

She also had a cloth in her mouth.

Sekele said the victim rented her house to Tshabalala.

The kidnapped woman lived a couple of streets away from the house she was renting to Tshabalala.

“As she (the victim) went to her own house to collect money for rent from Tshabalala, the [victim’s] boyfriend noticed she took a long time,” said Sekele.

“He went to the house, and when he arrived, Tshabalala said to the boyfriend, ‘Yes, she was here, she collected money and left’.”

Police searched for the victim’s car and found it with a smashed window in Actonville.

Police heard a noise and found the woman in the boot.

She was rushed to the Life the Glynnwood Hospital and was admitted to the ICU.

Tshabalala was confronted by the police on April 11 and they discovered the victim’s handbag in her possession, according to Sekele.

She was arrested and detained at the Benoni SAPS.

Benoni SAPS station commander Brig Johan Jacobs praised Det-WO Patrick Khumalo for his hard work and dedication.

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