Walk your dog here for free

A facility is available for you to walk your dog for free.

BehaviVet is about 60 acres of grounds that have walkways for pet owners to walk their dogs.


Dogs aren’t permitted at Northerns

The facility in Benoni Agricultural Holdings is owned by Charles Hurly, who noted a need for pet owners to walk their dogs after hearing that Benoni Northerns Sports Club does not (as required by the by-laws) allow pets to be walked on their grounds.

“Benoni Northerns Sports Club and the council do not allow animals of any kind on the sports grounds,” Laurence Brown, chairperson of Benoni Northerns, said.

“We have recently erected new additional signs to this effect and police the situation as and when it happens.

“We have also put out a general request to all our members, who pay annual fees for the privilege of taking part in sport on these fields, to assist club management in discouraging any member of the public who transgresses the law.

“However, there are certain controlled, planned circumstances where animals may be allowed, subject to council permission, such as certain fund-raisers and shows.

“The full co-operation of the public is also welcomed.”

After reading this, Hurly spoke to the chairman and an agreement was made to allow pet owners to walk their dogs at the grounds in the Benoni AH for free.

“Benoni Northerns has endorsed the sign, which is fixed to their fence,” Hurly said.

“They, too, support people who wish to walk their dogs at the BehaviVet venue.”

Hurly added the venue requires no entry fee, but pet owners need to ensure that they pick up their pet’s litter.

“A veterinarian is on site, by appointment only, and Vetshop too,” Hurly said.

“You are also welcome to bring your bicycles, too, as there is a small pump track and cycle tracks.”

The grounds have no fencing, so pet owners can walk their pets at any desired time.

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