This is where you can expect speed cameras in Benoni

“Putting up of permanent cameras and mobile ones is determined by the hotspots (including statistics) identified by law enforcers,” said EMPD spokesperson Chief-Supt Wilfred Kgasago.

“If all are agreeable then an application to the Director of Public Prosecution is submitted for the identified sites to be approved.

“Currently, there aren’t any plans as no locations have been seen to warrant that.”

Kgasago said public participation could help the EMPD identify possible sites.

Benoni has two fixed speed cameras – both are at the intersection of Snake and Main Reef roads.

Kgasago said parts of the following roads are allowed to see the use of mobile cameras:

• Ampthill Avenue (60km/h)

• Atlas Road (70km/h)

• Birch Road (80km/h)

• Great North Road (around Wordsworth High School – 60km/h, Mercury Street – 70km/h and Louisa Road – 80km/h)

• Kingsway Road (80km/h)

• Main Reef Road (60km/h)

• Modderbee Road (70km/h)

• N12 highway (120km/h)

• New Modder Road (70km/h; some parts are 60km/h)

• Pretoria Road (60km/h)

• Prince’s Avenue (60km/h)

• Range View Road (80km/h)

• Van Dyk Road (east – 60km/h)

If you would like a speed camera in an area, email Kgasago on [email protected]

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