Western Extension becomes a ‘dump’

Garbage in Western Extension. This photo was taken on the corner of Turvey Street and Elston Avenue on June 19.

Debbie Dos Reis, of the Western Extension Community Association (Weca), said on Monday that every second street was littered with garbage and had reduced the area to a ‘dump’.

She said refuse is not being collected because people whose bins have been stolen have not acquired another one; residents are using bins which are not from the metro (the municipality is only collecting refuse in marked receptacles) or tenants whose landlords do not live in the country are unable to obtain a bin, as consent forms are required.

Dos Reis said people are now dumping illegally to get rid of the waste.

“Illegal dumping is now the name of the game,” said Dos Reis. “Desperate people are being charged by certain members in Benoni to have their bags collected and are dumping these bags on other corners,” she added and reiterated that residents were fed up.

“We can’t live like this – it’s a health hazard. Furthermore, we live in an old area that is not pretty – now we have this,” she said.

Martin Metzer, who lives on Durham Street, said he carted away about 15 bags of other people’s refuse on Friday to keep the area around his property clean.

Ward 73 councillor Sinethemba Matiwane said not all people were aware of the changes in Ekurhuleni’s collection, meaning they either have the wrong bin or failed to collect one.

He said people have had ample time to get a bin, but can still do so at the Benoni Waste Depot at 4 Golden Drive, Morehill.

The councillor confirmed some people are now illegally dumping waste as a way to discard their rubbish.

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