Metro refuses to let Benoni become a dump

Garbage in Western Extension. This photo was taken on the corner of Turvey Street and Elston Avenue on June 19.

Clr Jacques Meiring (Ward 27) said the Waste Department and City Management kept to their word about cleaning up Benoni.

At a public meeting held at Benoni Northerns Sports Club in June, representatives from the City Manager’s office and the Department of Solid Waste answered questions posed by the public and promised Benoni would be cleaned of dumped refuse.

Many residents raised the issue of uncollected black bags and instances of illegal dumping.

“They kept their word – Benoni is cleaner,” Meiring said on July 6.

“The areas that are still problematic, are being looked at by the department and city management; they are working on solutions.”

Meiring said plans by the metro to introduce fines for leaving black bags on pavements might not be needed and have been sidelined for now. Clr Kabelo Mahonko (Ward 24) commended the metro for tidying up around Benoni, but said illegal dumping still presents a problem.

“People are still dumping illegally, or leaving their extra black bags on the pavement,” she said.

“The metro is urging people to collect wheelie bins, especially if they see they need more.”

According to Clr Sinethemba Matiwane (Ward 73) the metro is also cleaning up in his ward.

“But many residents are not heeding the call to collect wheelie bins,” he said.

When Matiwane was speaking to the City Times, he was at a field in Western Extension, explaining how unkempt it was.

“People are selling things or recycling. Rubble has been dumped here, it’s a mess,” he said.

Clr Pieter Henning (Ward 25) received mixed feedback from residents, with some areas being cleaned by the metro, and others not.

“The problem is people dump illegally, or just dump their rubbish on someone else’s pavement,” he said.

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