Kitten’s nine lives remain unspent

Miley at the Bapsfontein Animal Hospital.

Mark Foster found the kitten on Polo Drive.

“On Monday morning while working on the polo club road off the R25, I came across a dead kitten on the dirt road,” he said.

“As I drove past I saw her little head move and her eye twitch. We stopped and lifted her paralysed body. Her eyes were open but she was barely breathing.”

Foster then took the kitten to the Bapsfontein Animal Hospital where the kitten was treated by Dr Natalie Braysher.

“Instead of turning me away, Natalie jumped into action and checked the kitten’s bones, organs and skull for fractures,” Foster said.

“Two injections later, a blanket and lots of love by the staff, all we could hope for was for her to survive.”

Braysher said the kitten had no broken bones but was in shock.

She administered an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injection to help the swelling around the cat’s eye and prevent infection.

Foster named the cat Miley, as “she came in like a wrecking ball”, and was an unexpected turn in his day.

He said she was running and eating well by July 13.

Foster thanked staff at the veterinary practice for their service and said there were already two people interested in adopting the 10-week-old kitten.

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