EMPD foils gang’s plan to rob near Snake Road

The incident happened near the intersection of Snake Road and Golden Drive, at about 6am.

EMPD spokesperson Chief-Supt Wilfred Kgasago said authorities received information about of gang of about eight people who wanted to rob illegal miners as they exited a shaft.

“The EMPD Tracing Unit was following up on a tip-off that there was a gang of men waiting to rob the Zama-Zamas of the gold dust when they came up from the shafts,” said Kgasago.

“Just after 6am when the gang sighted the metro police, they opened fire and a gun battle ensued resulting in one suspect being shot dead and a 9mm pistol found on his person.

“When the suspects realised they could not match the metro police’s fire power they ran and disappeared into the mine shafts and in the process dropped two 9mm pistols.”

At about 8am one suspect who tried to sneak out of the shaft, was apprehended.

The arrestee was detained at the Benoni Police Station on charges of illegal mining as well as of being an undocumented person.

All three firearms recovered on the scene were booked in at the same police station.

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