Rubble piles up on Morehill stand

Residents Neil Bennallack and Gavin Scott are concerned about the vacant, privately owned field in Morehill, which is being used illegally to sift refuse for recycling purposes.

“This has been a battle since I started living here,” said Neil Bennallack, who has lived near the area for a decade.


Residents trash refuse collection charges

“The trees were cut in 2016 by the CPF, but since then, the land has been vacant,” said another resident, Gavin Scott.

According to the residents, vagrants have been using the ground to separate collected refuse for recycling purposes.

But after the refuse is separated, the remaining mess which is not recycled, is left on site.

“The land is privately owned,” said Ward 27 Councillor Jacques Meiring.

“There is another piece of land nearby on which an office park will be built.

“The developers of the park have offered to maintain the vacant field by planting grass.”

However, a final decision has not been reached yet because Meiring is still in talks with the owner of the property.

“As for the illegal use of the land, I have escalated the matter to EMPD, the municipal call centre and the Customer Care Centre,” Meiring added.

According to him, the matter was escalated on June 22.

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