Motorist intimidated me

Driving anywhere and everywhere night or day has never frightened me – until my recent experience as a victim of road rage.

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After indicating my intention to move into the left lane of a main road in Benoni, I was surprised to notice the driver of a large and powerful white car behind me accelerate so as to cut me off.

I had only a block to go before turning left, so I persevered and made the turn.

To my horror, the driver followed me and forced me to a stop on the side of the road.

His car was larger than mine and parked in such a way that I was stuck.

Then he climbed out of his car to give me a lesson on road etiquette.

Perhaps I should have ‘waited my turn’, as he told me – but he should certainly not have done what he did.

The incident happened at 5.45am on a relatively empty road.

I do not understand why the driver of the white car was not in the fast lane if he was in a hurry.

My apology was enough to send him on his way, but I was suitably intimidated.

In future, I will change lanes behind such drivers.

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